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Zone Therapy Sessions

What is Foot Zone Reflexology?

Foot Zone Reflexology is an in-depth foot massage treatment that helps work acupressure signals in your feet to bring the body back into balance. The first treatment usually lasts about 45-55 minutes. After that, treatments last about 30-45 minutes. We work with both feet, and use Reiki and Essential Oils to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere for you. Massaging these points, sends a signal through the body’s Energy Meridians or Highways on the feet, and in response the body will open these blocks and Energy can flow freely again. Zone takes a nice foot rub to another level by working these acupressure points, much like Reflexology. In fact, I’ve heard Zone called “Reflexology on steroids”.

Where does Foot Zoning Come From?
It’s difficult to say exactly where Foot Zoning came from. Ancient renderings from India, China and Egypt show physicians working on people’s hands and feet to restore health and wellness.

What is Energy Work? What does that have to do with Health?
If we examine the core of who we are, on the cellular level, we can find answers to this. At the cellular level exist molecules, that come together to form atoms. What is it that keeps these cells moving and alive? Scientists are now finding that it is a form of electricity. Everything that is alive and organic is made up of electrical impulses, hundreds of thousands of them. This is Energy. Imagine that your body is like a house, and inside that house are four rooms, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. These rooms are just as important as the other to find lasting health and wellness. Each must be running at optimal levels and their highest abilities. Energy is the frame work of the house. It holds within it the means to communicate from room to room, and it holds the whole structure together as a complete whole.

When we experience traumatic events, it can affect us on different levels. It is as though we are having nails hammered into the walls of our four rooms. This causes congestion in the Body’s Energy Highways or Meridians and communication is blocked. Energy slows down and over time; if these blocks are not resolved or fixed we can lose vitality, and even crash in extreme cases. When the nails are freed and the room restored to wholeness, it can then support the other rooms and the body once again finds lasting balance and wholeness. Our bodies have programmed into its DNA how to keep and maintain optimal Health and Wellness. So as we work the signals on the foot and restore balance to the body, we are pulling nails out of the different rooms with Energy Work, and this allows the body to bring its self into a new level of health and wellness.

Another great way to explain it is our bodies are like a complex computer, with many, many folders and programs running at the same time. Your feet are like the keyboard to that computer, as we work the signals in the feet we can help “de-frag” your system and help you bring your body back into balance and running at optimal speeds and performance.

What about Emotional Trauma’s?
After working with many people over the years, I have come to believe that most issues people are dealing with (stresses, headaches, tension, and physical pain) are all from emotional events that have left their scars. Emotions are tricky, they are strong and influence almost every decision we make. As we work the signals in the feet, we often find that emotions are trapped in a certain area of the body. For everybody it’s a little bit different but some common ones we’ve found are:

Heavy Shoulders = Weight of the World
Lower Back Pain = Unsupported
Sinus problems = Severe Irritation at Somebody
Knee Problems = Stubborn and Unbending

These signals grow hot on the foot and as we work with the energy in that area, pulling out the unwanted emotions and freeing the energy, the body can at last finally heal. If a physical part of the body is injured or is weak, we have found emotions will be drawn to that area like a magnet, and will sit there festering until they can be released. This build up of non-beneficial energy can actually prevent an area from healing properly and quickly. So in short, if we harbor non-beneficial emotions we can actually prevent ourselves from finding lasting healing and wellness. Foot Zoning can be a means to releasing some of these emotions as we clear the energy congestion and bring the body back into balance.

Who can benefit from Foot Zone Reflexology?
We are very well acquainted with most physical diseases and ailments, and can modify the Foot Zone to be specific to the person we are working with. Every body is different, and is dealing with different diseases and stresses. So we alter the Zone just enough to help the body find balance again.

What Can I Expect on My First Treatment?
We will have you relax in a recliner or lie down on a massage table. We visit with you to get to know you, and answer any questions you may have. We start with natural massage oil. As we go we use Essential Oils and help your feet find complete relaxation. Usually it’s a quiet, calm space that has soft, spa-like music playing in the background. If you get cold we have blankets there, and if you get thirsty we have bottled water there for you. While having treatment you can either visit with us, or simply close your eyes and let go of the day. This is your time to recharge. If you should have any questions or concerns please ask us! After wards we can schedule your next visit if you would like to make one, and you will be on your way with a new bounce in your step!

Does it Hurt?
Our intent is to never bring harm or pain to anyone. However, some areas are more tender than others depending on your wellness level, your stress level, and if there are any recent injuries to the foot/ankle area. Sometimes a signal that’s blocked can feel really tender, but as we work with it, pull the energy, and release the emotions behind it, the signal gets more and more relaxed until it is pain free again.

Is There Anything I Should Do or Know About After wards?
After getting treatment, your body will spend the next 48-72 hours detoxing and bringing itself back into balance. During this time it is so important to drink as much water as you can! I often tell people your Body is like a creek, and the Foot Zone stirs up the sediment from the bottom of the river. That sediment needs new water to flush it out of the body or it will simply sink back into the bottom of the river, so drink as much as you can! All the toxins, garbage, germs, preservatives, and chemicals will be flushed out. Yes this does mean lots of trips to the bathroom. This is a good thing. So plan ahead a little bit so you can have easy access to restrooms everywhere you go.

Soda is not Water. I mean real water, as pure as you can find it without any sugar or additives. Drink as much as you can stand through the day, the more water, the better the detoxifying.

How Often Do I Need Treatments?
Everyone is different. Some people with Chronic Diseases will feel great for two or three days after wards, and then they need another zone to help them get through the rest of the week. Others will need a zone once every two-three weeks; and some only need one once every month. The best way to know is to listen to your body. You will know you are ready for another Zone when you are emotionally exhausted, when you are mentally fatigued and stressed out, or are physically ill, you need another Zone! Most people start out with treatment once every two weeks for a couple months, and then progress into once a month. The best way to see lasting results is to get several treatments over a long period of time (like six months or a year’s time).



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