Discover your Inner Child

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Discover your Inner Child Workshop

Embark on an amazing Inner Child Discovery Journey in this 2 day, 16 hour workshop.

Our inner child is unconsciously guiding our lives – discover how this works. The inner child is extremely significant in that most of our deepest beliefs and fears about ourselves, the world and others reside here.

Men and woman alike can come join Certified Hypnotherapist Suzanne Hawkins in a safe and trusting environment of sharing and learning and growing as we journey to discover our inner child ….

Most people are unaware of and disconnected from their inner child which often leads to a lifetime of relational, emotional and personal problems. This workshop can help you recognize and resolve these challenges!

Two days of discovery, insight, play, and sharing with others of similar mind sets

Cost $180.00 Space is limited
Workshop dates: No dates are currently set.

The Inner Child workshop with Suzanne was a core aspect to facilitating my personal growth, a fundamental part of the mind in realizing who we are and incorporating our own personal child into our everyday adult lives. Allowing us the safety and freedom to play, learn, and explore the things that bring us together and make us whole. Suzzane is a wonderfully sweet soul that wraps the class up in a nice caring package that sends us (child & adult) on our way with our beautiful gifts.”-A. Piña

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