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The Southern California University of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare (SCUACH) was founded by Internationally known hypnotherapist Rick McFall who has been teaching hypnotherapy to students from across the country and around the world since 2001.  There, in the Southern California College of Hypnotherapy, and only there, students learn his unique methods of hypnotherapy and personal growth that help students discover their clients’ needs in a straight forward teachable way.

The colleges of Crystal Healing, Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare, and Energy Healing each offer students full certifications in their respective areas of study through popular, flexible, life changing programs that are the most comprehensive programs of their type anywhere in the world.

The goal for The Southern California University of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare is to offer CAREERS THAT CHANGE LIVES, but we are even more than that.  CAREERS THAT CHANGE LIVES do no one any good unless they are also affordable and offer realistic certifications that allow students to create their own healing practice and to make a living doing so.  That’s why we have put things together in the way we have.  Not only do we offer our founder’s goal of teaching CAREERS THAT CHANGE LIVES, but we also have attained the unique place in the educational industry of offering CAREERS THAT CHANGE LIVES at an AFFORDABLE TUITION.

All of the course programs at all of the colleges at SCUACH offer affordable tuition and payment plans with a variety of in person class options such as evening classes or daytime classes, flexible enrollment classes, and accelerated classes or even part-time classes.

I’m confident that you will find we have the most comprehensive training in which you can enroll to change every aspect of your life from personal growth to, to healing others and affecting a complete career change. If you want a career that changes lives, start here!

Rick McFall, Founder SCUACH


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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) in one of our Hypnotherapist Certification training programs and change your life as you prepare to change the lives of others. This course is taught primarily by internationally know hypnotherapist Rick McFall.

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